“I wish I could say that Molly is an easy going, laid back kind of dog. But I’d be lying. She is our bear dog (a Kuvasz), bred to be able to make independent decisions to protect her herd. She is both strong and strong willed. She is the perfect dog for our family, and helps out a ton around the house and our yard. She protects our kids from wildlife, and makes us feel very safe.

Needless to say, she’d be a handful for most people to handle while we’re away on our annual trips to visit family in Europe. I was beginning to think that we’d have to rethink travelling and just stay home with our dog. The grandparents over there, wouldn’t listen to that, so I had to try harder.

I finally found Laura. I told her all about Molly, and what Laura might be in for. While I felt comfortable leaving Molly with Laura, I still felt slightly guilty, thinking that Molly would be too much work for Laura.

We were gone for over a month. And came back to a well socialized (she didn’t have many dog friends before), very happy and healthy dog. Molly also managed to let go of some of her fear of cars. I can’t imagine what kind of time and effort that must have gone into that. Laura provides so much more than a place for dogs to stay, or a dog walking service – Laura is one of those loving, unique and talented people, who “gets” dogs fully and completely,  at the same time as she is wonderful with humans.

The only mistake I made going on that trip, was not boarding our other dog, Bella the poodle, with Laura as well. Bella stayed home with our house sitters (a dog loving family) but she didn’t feel that she was given the special treatment that Molly did. Bella was very upset for several weeks. I should have known better than to split them up.

Thanks again!

H, Nelson


“When I think of some words to describe Laura, these come to mind – integrity, professional, responsible, kind and loving. She has been a godsend to us when it comes to putting our dogs in her care whether it be for a day or a week. I cannot think of anyone I could trust more with them. Our dog Stella leaps into her arms from the back of our truck when Laura comes to pick her up and doesn’t look back. I totally trust Laura with my dogs who are like our kids to us. I feel she offers the same quality care and protection to our dogs that we give them and I never worry when we leave them with her no matter how long we are gone for AND the bonus is they always return to us calm and rested for days!

We also buy our raw food from her and I am a very satisfied customer in that department as well. Thanks Laura for being you and choosing the Kootenays to run your business!”

D and R, Proctor


“Maddy is a big dog and full of energy. She came to us at 9 weeks old and from the beginning, exhibited anxious behaviour. Despite our efforts to expose Maddy to dogs, people and different experiences, she remained anxious in almost any setting except home.   At home, she is a gentle, loveable, dog with a beautiful disposition.  When we were looking for kennelling options, we knew that Maddy needed someone who would let her be in their home as well as provide opportunity for exercise. We told Laura about Maddy and her challenges. Even with our concerns, Laura was still keen to meet Maddy and we were ecstatic when she agreed to work with her.  Laura kept Maddy at her home for the first time 9 months ago. Maddy was nervous and hesitant to play with any dogs. Maddy is always excited to see Laura. It makes us so happy to see Maddy not only comfortable with Laura and the other dogs, but to be fully engaged in play as well!  Laura has been an absolute blessing to our family. Thank you, Laura, for not only taking in the “easy” dogs, but also for taking in dogs like Maddy who need some extra help and support. We recommend your services to anyone that has a dog.”

C, Bonnington


“There is nothing better then a tired dog curled up in a ball at the end of the day, asleep after a fun-filled adventure with your pack! I am so grateful knowing that Ollie is out with you each week getting plenty of exercise and socializing with his doggie buddies. I can just picture how happy he is on his adventures!  I know that you go above and beyond to take such great care of him when he is in your care and I especially love the stories of your adventures that you write in his doggie journal each walk. I would whole heartily recommend Laura and Unleashed Dog Adventures as a safe and wonderful experience for your dog and piece of mind.”                                            

Thank you Laura!  

C, Nelson


Jackson is just about 20 months old and wonderful , my very first puppy . But at 4 months old my sweet little chocolate lab puppy turned into a crazy puppy that I called   ” Cujo”.   I studied over every dog book I thought might help me and asked advice from trained people . Nothing worked for us, till Jackson met Laura, and he became “Jackson the Love “. By finding Laura when I did , saved, Jackson and I from struggling!! Jackson socialized with all types dogs of different ages which helped him calm down. And for myself by watching Laura interact with Jackson and all the other dogs, helped me be a confident dog owner. 

Jackson is one happy puppy after spending time on a hike , the day and or staying with her for 2 weeks, or more! Jackson is always excited to go to Laura’s, he lights up as soon as we turn onto her road. When I pick him up he is always calm and happy, gives me at look like “wow I had a great day”. I also find it very wonderful that she can pick up Jackson for his hikes, and he gets to explore different places. And when he stays at her home he is treated like one of the family. I never have to think twice about his care and well being when he is with her.

I am very grateful for Unleashed Dog Adventures.  Laura is an unique person , I would recommend her services , (especially if you want your beloved pet to have the best care:)

 T, Ymir


“We recently moved to the Kootenay’s and admit, our dogs are our ‘babies’.  In relocating my biggest fear was that we wouldn’t be able to find a high quality of care for them.  Our dogs are big in size and personality, both rescues, they can be high maintenance and quirky, and are quick to test the limits of their guardian and surroundings.  
Thankfully Laura was recommended to us for her hiking/overnight care services, upon our first meeting my fears instantly subsided.  Laura’s is the go to place for our dogs, we LOVE the home environment – only a few other doggy friends at a time, lots of supervision, twice daily hikes (not just walks) and tons of cuddles. 
My husband and I feel that safety is the top priority and they are not allowed to get away with any bad behaviour, meaning the hard work that we’ve put into training isn’t affected by their stay.  The only problem we have is that I think the dogs are a bit miffed they have to leave Unleashed!”

L and T, Castlegar


“I was first impressed by the in-depth interview process, that involved her first coming over to take my dogs for a short walk and introduce herself to us, and to get a feel for our personalities.  A few days later I took them to her house where we all got acquainted and just hung out together for awhile, where she could see how I interacted with them, and how they adjusted to the environment.  I was so impressed with the environment – clean, open spaces with big dog beds and couches for them to lounge on and also sleep for the night. Very homey and comfortable.  In order to ease them in to this new situation, Laura took them for a few hikes beginning a few weeks before I knew they would need boarding. They would come home exhausted, happy, and very well behaved. She spends time individually with any dog who has special needs, working on their specific behaviour problems.  She is always calm – ALWAYS. That is important to me. Laura has taught me to be more calm with my dogs, by her example, and also by giving me specific tips on different techniques.  

They get so excited when they see her coming, and that’s the other thing – she picks them up and drops them off, which to me, is a huge service that I appreciate. They can’t wait to go with her, and when they come home, they look disappointed when she drives away, like they’d rather go back!  

Laura is a genuine dog lover, who treats all dogs equally – the love she has for them is abundantly obvious. It’s real. She’s in it for the right reason.”

T, Salmo

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