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Hi, I’m Laura! I have had a lifelong love for animals, and a passion for the wilderness. Growing up on a happy homestead in Ontario with a wide variety of animals, and many beloved dogs, I understood that respecting them created lasting bonds and rewarding relationships. 

After school and travelling, I landed in North Vancouver where I worked for a busy holistic veterinary clinic, volunteered and fostered for the local SPCA, and volunteered with my then puppy to help disabled hikers get out on the trails with the British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society

Although I loved city life, I needed to return to my country roots with my man and our amazing dogs, Neko and Hensley.

Unleashed Dog adventures owner, Laura Adamiak

The most important thing to me in running my business is that each and every one of my clients, whether two legged or four, knows how special and unique they are.

-Laura Adamiak, UNLEASHED Dog Adventures

I moved to Salmo, BC and after searching for suitable care for my own lovingly spoiled dogs, I realized that personalized dog care was virtually non-existent. I had a hard time finding someone to take them on long hikes if I had a long day at work or a warm and caring home for my dogs when I was away. I knew others would want this, too–and so, UNLEASHED Dog Adventures was born. That was over 13 years ago and we are so fortunate to share so many memories with such amazing dogs over the years.

UNLEASHED is located on a beautiful 6 acre property, within walking distance to the Salmo river. We have a large fenced-in area for the dogs to play when we’re not hiking. They join us while gardening, soaking in the sun and exploring the trails on our property.

Being patient with the dogs and taking time to let them know that no matter what, I’m there to support them… The resulting bond from that trust is why I do what I do.  

-Laura Adamiak, UNLEASHED Dog Adventures

I have training in ClickerExpo, Nelson Hodges Relationship Based Behaviour Modification, The Lemonade Conference and many other canine training courses and webinars. I’m certified in Dog First Aid Certification with CPR, Wilderness First Aid , OFA 3, and EMR. I was previously a paramedic and a member of the local Search and Rescue team for a combined 10 years. Suffice it to say, your doggos are safe with me!

We’ve since added Salsa, Kami, Trixie, Truman, Freja and Aster to our home. We’ve said goodbye to Neko and Hensley, and while they’re no longer running on the West Kootenay trails with us, we’re thrilled they had such good long lives. They without a doubt enriched ours and taught us so many lessons along the way.

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What People Say

We were gone for over a month, and came back to a well socialized (she didn’t have many dog friends before), very happy and healthy dog. 

H, Nelson

Laura has been an absolute blessing to our family. Thank you, Laura, for not only taking in the “easy” dogs, but also for taking in dogs like Maddy who need some extra help and support.

C, Bonnington
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