Overnight Care

Unleashed Dog Adventures is not your typical boarding facility, instead we pride ourselves on offering your pooch a “home away from home”.   We welcome your dogs to come and stay in our comfortable home, play on our large piece of property and join us for morning and evening strolls to the river.

Your dog gets the individual attention they are accustomed to, exercise for both their bodies and brains as they join us on a big off leash adventure, sleep on an overstuffed dog bed or the sofa (if they are allowed to at home) and have access to run and play with all of their furry friends in our large fenced in yard.  Most of all, your dog is treated like one of our own, they are family!

Laura is at home in the outdoors; thus every day of the week your dog will go hiking to explore a new trail, swimming to the lake, snowshoeing up a mountainside or next to me while I am gardening or doing chores.

In Order to use our services you must have a New Client Consultation done prior to the day you require care.

Please contact us to set up a consultation time

Unleashed Overnight Care -$45.00

Unleashed Dog Adventures is currently not accepting new clients for boarding.  Please check back for updates.